Prey Concept

1. Description Bearbeiten

The preys are the main interaction objects in the game. They are glowing bunnies that scamper around in almost every area of the game. The preys act as a mobile Power-Up, as they will restore the wolf's health after consumption. However, in order to consume them, the player has to successfully hunt them.

2. Functionalities Bearbeiten

  • The prey has a determined awareness-radius, in which it can notice you.
  • The prey has a determined attack-radius, in which it can be attacked.
  • The awareness radius is X-times bigger than the attack-radius

3. Player Interaction Bearbeiten

  • The player will be noticed if he enters the awareness-radius while he is sprinting.
  • The prey will run away immediately if the player has been noticed. 
  • The player can attack if he successfully enters the attack-radius.

4. Visual Experience Bearbeiten

If the player has entered the attack-radius, the wolfs fangs appear at the top and bottom end of the screen. The fangs indicate that the player can now successfully attack the prey. An additional button press sign will appear as well. If the player presses the button the wolf will instantly start the pounce animation and execute the prey.